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Arcadia Bird PureSun-Mini Lighting Kit


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Keeping pet birds in our home and away from sunlight means all too often our feathered friends do not have the correct level of UVA to keep them healthy and happy.

Similar to the way we are used to seeing reptiles like Snakes and Chameleons inside a vivarium with light above, birds need and deserve the same level of care with extra UVA through the day.

Linked also to helping stop or limit feather plucking in birds is also a great benefit to the UVA bulb inside the Arcadia Puresun, and we know for birds feather condition is
everything to their wellbeing.

Many of us have seen the fantastic BBC series The Life of Birds. Why did the bib of the budgerigar glow when exposed to a black light? Black light emits a lot of UVA, which allows a human to see UV reactive patches shining like badges on birds, which cannot be seen normally.

Hidden marks on banknotes also become visible, to show they are real. Birds can see these colours and markings all the time if their tetrachromatic ability is ‘activated’ by being outside in natural sunlight or having artificial exposure to UVA.

These fluorescent patches highlight the differences in the sexes, health, condition and breeding readiness. It has also been shown that UVA effects how birds view potential food sources too.

The Arcadia Bird ‘PureSun-Mini’ complete lighting system is an easy to use, modern and attractive Full-Spectrum + UV-B lighting kit.

PureSun-Mini has been designed by experts to be used with small to medium species of pet bird in the home.

This attractive kit will not only help to provide energy within light naturally to your pet bird, but it will also allow you to view all of your birds’ colours.

Birds use the suns energy for warmth, to view the world in colour and to be able to make their own essential Vitamin D3. Having optimal levels of Vitamin D3 within the body will help to keep your pet bird in good health.

Vitamin D3, made within the body after exposure to UV-B enables a bird to assimilate, store and use essential minerals such as Calcium. If optimum levels of D3 are not stored in the body, essential minerals such as Calcium simply pass through unused.

Having access to natural D3 will not only help to protect your bird’s brain, organ and muscle function but it will also help to greatly increase bone density, improve egg quality, reduce ‘soft-shell’, improve reproduction and maintain feather condition.

The Arcadia Bird PureSun-Mini lighting kit has been designed to be effective and simple to use.

PureSun-Mini is complete with all that you need to get going from day one including the Arcadia Bird 8w Full-spectrum+UV-B (2.4%) bird lamp which is guaranteed to be UV potent for 12 whole months of use (up to 12 hours a day).

Birds also use Sunlight to ‘activate’ natural colour vision. The Arcadia Bird Lamp contains the correct balance of UV-A (12%) to enable this. Seeing the full range of natural colours allows birds to find certain foods, but is also used in mate selection, leading to more effective captive breeding. UV-A is also important within the natural UV-B to D3 cycles where it plays an important role in the natural self-regulation of D3 production.

PureSun-Mini bird lighting kits can even be linked up if you have more than one cage. Simply use the Mini Link Cable (optional product code CPSMINLC) to power one kit from another without having to find extra wall sockets.

Unlike LED systems made for birds and reptiles, Arcadia Bird Full-Spectrum+UV-B lamps produce both UV-A and UV-B. LEDs may be advertised as being ‘full-spectrum’ but they are not able to produce the vital health giving wavelengths of light within ultraviolet.

  • Safe, effective and easy to use
  • Provides UV-A and UV-B
  • Allows birds to make their own D3
  • Good colour vision
  • Inspires singing in songbirds
  • Better reproduction
  • Complete kit
  • Linking cable available.

PureSun-Mini can be used with all small to medium caged birds. Suitable species include; Zebra Finches, Canaries, Bengalese Finches, Waxbills, Gouldian Finches, Java Sparrows, Diamond Doves, Budgies, Lovebirds, Lineolated Parakeets, Parrotlets, Cockatiels and many more.


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