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Rainforest Bolivia Play Bird Parrot Cage 1507

Original price was: £374.99.Current price is: £329.99.

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The Bolivia 1 play top cage is simple yet very stylish it comes complete with 3 feeder bowls, perches and seed catcher. It also has a play top this allows your pet somewhere to sit whilst out of its cage, it has a 2 sturdy perches and 2 ladders, perfect for playtime, with additional feeder bowls and a removable tray on top of the cage.

Suitable for African Greys, Amazons, Large Conures and similar sized parrots.


-Height: 162cm
-Width:  61cm
-Length:  56cm
-Inside Height:  91cm
-Bar Spacing:  2.5cm
-Wire Strength:  3mm


  • -Feeder and water bowls x 5
  • -Pull out tray x 2
  • -Wheels
  • -Perches x 3
  • -Seed catcher *(Adds an extra 32cm to width and depth of stand)
  • -Removable Grill
  • -Clock Face Lock
  • -Spring Loaded Feeder Doors

RRP:  £374.99

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