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Rainforest Nova 2 Large Parrot Cage


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This large parrot cage from Rainforest Cages makes a lovely home for any medium to large sized birds or parrots such as a African Greys, Amazons, Large Conures, Cockatoos, Macaws and similar sized parrots.

The Nova 2 features two large front doors for easy access, as well as two breeder doors to the side which give you the option of using the cage with an external nesting box if you wanted to breed your birds. A removable central divide panel is provided so the cage can be divided in two if required.

This cage has both horizontal and vertical bars to facilitate climbing. The front door lock features a clock face movement design to ensure the door is secured. Both these door locks are fitted to all our cages as standard this ensures your feathered friends remain in their cages and don’t unexpectedly escape.

The Nova 2 features two large pull out trays to the bottom of the cages for cleaning, removable grills to ensure your bird stays within the cage and is on wheels for easy moving. The birds can be fed by a swing out feeding system with four stainless steel cups secured by a feeder door lock with spring loaded design.

You have the choice of two attractive colours which are Stone and Antique.


W 200 x D 100 x H 200 cm (external)

W 196 x D 96 x H 180 cm (internal)

W 98 x D 96 x H 180 cm (with divider)

3 cm Bar Spacing

Suitable for: Medium to Large birds

  • Features:
  • -Feeder and water bowls x 4
  • -Pull out tray x 2
  • -Wheels
  • -Perches x 2
  • -Clock Face Lock
  • -Spring Loaded Feeder Doors
  • Removable Grill

RRP:  £1159.99

Pallet delivery 1-3 day (ordered before 12)

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